onsdag 9 juli 2008

The 'Pot Belly Pig Green Highlander'

Designad av engelsmannen Peter Whittingham.
Tube : Plastic or Brass, 12mm or 22mm
Tying Silk : Black
Tail : 5 Boar bristles - Green, mix of bright green and yellow bucktail, with 3 strands of crystal hair.
Butt : Black cock hackle
Rib : Oval silver tinsel
Body : Bright green and bright yellow hackle with sparkle dubbing or lite brite.
Body Hackle : Bright green
Front Hackle : Bright green with bright yellow over.
Cheeks : Jungle cock (tied 'roof' style)
Head : Black tying silk.
Fiskas i starkt solljus och klarälv.......

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